6 Great Online Training Resources That You Can Access for Free

There are so many excellent online training resources that you can access for free. Here is our pick of 7 of the very best.

1) Yale Open Courses

Did you know that you can get access to a Yale education for free? Like many of our top educational institutions, Yale now offers access to courses online for free. Of course you won’t actually get college credit for taking these courses. However, what you will get is access to introductory courses which are taught by some of the most distinguished teachers in the US.

All of the online lectures which are available were recorded at Yale College. You can choose which style of learning is best for you as the lectures are available in text, audio and video formats. You do not have to register. Just pick the course you are interested in and start learning.


2) Khan Academy

This is an excellent online resource which is free for everyone. It is a particularly useful resource for school age children from Kindergarten up to High School students. If you need help in basic to advanced math this should be the first place that you look. The instructional videos are excellent and easy to understand.

This isn’t just a place for school kids though. Anyone can benefit from the courses on Khan Academy.

There are new courses added every day. Khan Academy also has courses which are created by their partners such as The California Academy of Sciences, NASA, MIT and Disney Pixar.


3) Coursera

This offers almost 2,000 courses on such diverse topics as Python Programming, Financial Markets, Chinese for Beginners, Human resource Management and Investment Management.

There are such a wide range of courses available it can be difficult to choose between them. Each course includes a lot of content and you must be prepared to commit to the tie to study.


4) Alison

This is one of our favorites as there is such a wide choice of material. It is very easy to sign up, and all of the courses are free. You can choose from such diverse subjects as Business Management, Customer Service, Workplace Safety and Health, Operations Management, Foreign Languages and Graphic Design. Many of the courses offer diplomas upon successful completion of the course.


5) My Own Business Institute

This is an excellent free training resource for new entrepreneurs and business owners. This is a great place to begin if you want to learn more about how to start or expand your own business. There are courses about choosing a business, financing, marketing and team building. The site has video, audio and text resources.


6) The Financial Management Training Center

This is a great place to start if you are looking for free online courses about financial management. You can do all the training from home as everything is online. There are exams at the end of the course. If you are looking for Continuing Professional Education Credits you can use the evaluation forms which they offer.


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