I’m Martin LaGrande.  I’m a digital nomad making my way around the world.  Originally from France, I’ve traveled around Europe, Southeast Asia and a small part of the United States.  I’ve spent several years as a self-employed programmer.  I’ve put time in as a corporate contractor, Elance/Upwork freelancer, and a SASS entrepreneur.  I have an excellent understanding of being self-employed in the European Union and now I’ll be spending an extended period of time in Silicon Valley.

Since I’ll be continuing several of my entrepreneurial projects in San Francisco, I decided to start talking about starting up an LLC, paying taxes, and being a foreign national doing business in the US.  Follow along, and don’t hesitate to get in touch (or lagrande@cariforefguy.org) if you could use a little help.

I’m primarily a PHP/Laravel/Node programmer right now, but I like all interesting languages and projects.